Biggie's Return!

     Ladies and gentleman! Biggie is back!

     After a small life crisis, I decided I would feel better and more accomplished about my life if I picked up a small portion of the groceries I needed and returned to my house/ mecca/ cave to heal from my disappointment.

     Whilst near the prepared food section I found a random table of plants! Bad placement aside, I found one single rubber plant amidst the gross flowers and whatnot. I was healed!

     I had a rubber plant named Biggie in New Orleans, who thrived under my love and excessive blue plant food feedings. I adored him, and so did my roommate, Jackie, and my frequent visitors. He grew larger by the minute and Jackie and I moved into progressively smaller apartments, but no matter! Adoration overcomes convenience across the board.

     My new plant, Biggie JR., is quite small, but garnered love and attention as soon as we met. For example, Sharyn, my checkout lady, began to rave (and may have had a few foam bubbles forming by the end of her rave) about how she had once also had a rubber plant. She claimed her husband killed it after it had grown so tall it began to grow horizontally across the ceiling. SO RUDE.

     Biggie Jr. hasn’t quite reached the level of love I have for some of my toddler plants (3 years soon!), but he’s keeping me warm with memories and I can't wait to see where we will end up!