Plants! (MY FAVE)

     I'm not the best plant mother, IF you judge by survival rate only. I love them all more than society feels inanimate objects should be loved, and shamelessly so. Obsessively so.

     I do have favorites though... and Ferdinand is my star child. He is the beautiful 3-year-old baby palm (of some variety). His duration at the top of my hierarchy of love has earned him my favorite turquoise pot and great influence over the name of my potential children. He's f*ing beautiful.

     Second would have to be Tiger. She is a pale green vine that has tremendous growth potential. Followed by great fragility. She has grown 'arms' that dangle 8 inches! She has lost three of these arms. I feel badly for her, but I do not feel guilt, no plant should be quite so breakable. She is nearing her third birthday as well.

     Ernie, Marilyn, Doobie and Biggie are some of my deceased favorites, and I memorialize them here and in my memories of the places I lived when I took care of them.